Website designing has become an important part to any travel agencies in Vietnam. A website is recognized as a leading media channel and sales tool which bring a lot of undeniable benefits. However, not all Vietnam travel agencies understand its value and also do not know how to exploit. This subject will present an insight of benefit from a designed website.

  1. A website establishing the existence of business

There are over 300 million users over the world and 20 million users in Vietnam searching information through internet and this number is being replaced everyday. Accessing about 1% of this number also can bring a lot of success to any business.

According to a research, there are over 80% visitors look for information, services through Google before traveling to Vietnam. Therefore, having a website and existing on Google will bring to a travel agency a big number of potential customers so let these people aware of its existence. All Vietnam tour operators needs to have their own website. They should understand that their competitors are doing so.

  1. Making information at hand to partners

When designing pages for information, advertisement, a Vietnam travel agency will post into a yellow or advertisement pages, but over time, they will need to rethink. Because, how to make customers contacting to them? What is about the payment policy? All yellow pages cannot solve these issues. Currently, all information needed to provided quickly in multiway. Internet can help a business out through supporting pages 24/24 in 07 days. Their customers can see company’s information at any time.

  1. Supporting efficiently

Internet brings to a travel agent many ways to support their customers. Whether a Vietnam tour operator can have sufficient amount of staff which can reply all email and answers all phone calls of their customers who are looking for detailed information about the Vietnam tours? Whether they can automatically surf all information about the services that a travel agency supplying? Customers can get all of these thing through business’s website.

  1. More attraction from the public

It is not easy for a travel agency to post topic onto reliable travel forums, online magazines, but they can ask members of any those forums for posting their comments or reviews the business name. By doing so, business can be presented to the viewers and such a topic can attract more visitors.

  1. For sales purposes

Internet bring to all businesses big opportunities which help the businesses to gain higher sales volumes. Thanks to the development of internet in all over the world, there is an appearance of new potential customers – internet user community. Whether any businesses can hesitate when all competitors have entered and gradually penetrated market of Vietnam tourism?

  1. More lively product introduction

If a travel agency exploits a Vietnam tour or route to new destinations which are not popular to many visitors, it will be more persuasive if they can know what the trip is like? Internet gives a Vietnam tour operator many ways to introduce new products in the best way through its website by videos, sounds. Clips, photos…all of which will be more attractive to the potential customers.

  1. Extending business to international market

For almost inbound or outbound travel agencies, it seems impossible to mail or call to update new information or regulations to customers in all over the world. However, through a website, international customers can send request or look for any updated information.

  1. Obtaining feedback from customers

By a website, any travel agencies can get direct feedbacks from customers shortly during their visit which will help a business to reduce cost and time. Accordingly, that business can have better plan for their strategy and sales based on grabbed information from customers. Also, it will show up an overview of customer’s expectation for their trip to Vietnam