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Web Design aimed at helping you develop & publish the right content in the right places to strengthen your web presence & improve audience response.

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I've Moved On!

Garth Henderson, Web Designer"The definition of Web Design has undergone significant change since I started my freelance web development business 18 years ago in the Banff/Canmore area. It's been an exciting line of work and a rewarding learning experience. The time has come however, for me to step back, change gears and take my career in new directions. I'm taking a sabbatical!

As of January 1, 2015, my web planning & design company, Black Bear Ventures, will no longer be operating in the Canmore area. I am retreating to my new home base in Turner Valley, Alberta to plot new ways to participate in the online world as it continues to transform how business is done.

Thank you to all the great friends & customers that I have met and worked with for so many years in Alberta, BC and elsewhere. It's been an enlightening journey!"
NEW TEL: 403-933-3999
NEW Email address: sitesatwork@gmail.com
(, Turner Valley, Alberta)

"Build it and they will come is not a plan..."
(Tony Wanless, Management Consultant, Minding Your Business, Financial Post, Comment)

"Designing for the Web is no longer about designing web pages, but more about designing content"
(Tim Carr, founder 3rd Eye Vision commenting in .NET issue 171.)

Why web design & internet marketing shouldn't be "set-and-forget" afterthoughts.

Setting a simple, brochure-style website is a start, but only a start. Setting and forgetting it is a recipe for online obscurity.

  • Mobile First Design & Responsive Web Design are the new normal for website builds.
  • Mobile display demands it. Simple is the new black in web layout & presentation.
  • Web content needs planning and constant attention to adapt to changing audience behaviours.
  • Today's noisy online milieu requires a content strategy and coordinated communications via several web channels.
  • Business use of the Social Web demands personal engagement, concerted effort and some know-how.
  • Maintaining a productive web presence requires awareness and learning of new web-related communication skills.
  • Planning the right approach and choosing the right tools for developing your web presence is key.
  • More than creating image, it's about better communication with your existing and potential customers.


Internet Strategy
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Competing online in a technology driven market isn't about filling your web pages with the latest display gadgetry. It's about staying on top of communications fundamentals with a web presence relevant to your audience's information needs. It's about having the right content in the right places on the web and keeping your story updated and relevant.

Web Design & management
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We are interested in helping you to round out your business & marketing plans with a well-designed presence on the World Wide Web.

While we do create custom website designs, we will enthusiastically assist you with setting up and maintaining many of today's open source web publishing systems, blog engines and/or social media applications.

Online Media Advice
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We write web-ready copy and prepare photos, video and other online media.

We optimize your web pages and content to make them as search-friendly as possible.

Keen about the business potential of "cloud" applications, we always strive to integrate these technologies with your workflow for best effect.

"The whole point of social media is to personalize and humanize your brand."
(Brett Wilson, Author, Businessman, Philanthropist.
Commenting on the use of Social Media in business - FP Entrepreneur, National Post,)

"In today's wired world, the best gift you can give people is your attention."
(Josh Freed, Columnist, Montreal Gazette comment on Internet addicts.)

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TEL: 403-933-3999

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